The Myere's Story, A Loving Testimonial

meyers2Bill is a resident of the newly renovated East Wing of The Keys Building, and his story is one of the most heart-warming.


Barbara, Bill's wife came to Pines in desperation. Bill was being treated for Alzheimer's disease at another facility where he was so difficult to deal with staff members were afraid of him. He was belligerent, aggressive and unpredictable.


Barbara had to be there for every meal to ensure he ate. No one else could deal with him. The facility informed Barbara that he would have to be moved to another facility, as they could no longer deal with his violent acting out.


Bill was admitted to "The Garden," Pines' Alzheimer's/Dementia facility. Dr. Rivera, a holistic psychiatrist, evaluated Bill and determined he was over medicated and taking medications that should not be used in combination. He gradually reduced the medication and utilized some alternative strategies to ease Bill's symptoms.


As the original medications were eliminated, it became apparent that Bill did not have Alzheimer's disease or any other form of dementia. His warm and loving personality returned. He was moved to "The Keys," Pines Nursing Home / Skilled Nursing facility.


When this dramatic change took place, Barbara did not have to be present all day, every day to ensure that Bill ate and that he did not act out in violent and destructive ways. As a result, Bill asked Barbara a question that surprised her. "Do we have a problem with our marriage?" In the emotional conversation that followed, Barbara explained why she felt that she did not have to be in attendance all day, every day. The result of that conversation and Bill's return from over medication and misdiagnosis was that Barbara and Bill decided to renew their marriage vows.


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